2013 Discovery Islands Publications

It’s always a thrill to hear the 5 ton truck backing down the driveway with a new delivery. Luckily most of my publications are printed right here on Quadra Island but there are some that due to their production requirements, are printed in Vancouver or sometimes further afield, like Winnipeg.


Word is that the 2013 Guide to the Discovery Islands should be delivered this week so I’m pretty excited about that. Curious to see how the bold red colour scheme turns out and it’s definitely a change in style to forego a cover image of either, wildlife, kayakers or some of the stunning local scenery – but it’s good to take risks now and then.. just hope it works out!

Along with this ‘flagship’ magazine I publish two fold-out map brochures with business listings for Cortes Island and Quadra Island. These are both printed locally by Castle Printing and the 2013 editions are complete.