Nikon Image Space

I’ve had it in mind to write a bit more about photography along with posting more images online in general. Trouble is like so many of us these days it’s about finding the time, and even if you find the time there’s writer’s block, that ever-reoccuring search for the ‘hook’. What seemed interesting yesterday is… well yesterday’s news. So when a new lens landed in the mailbox today it seemed about as fresh a moment to experiment with writing a bit about it and casting a newly sharp hook.

First things first though. This isn’t just a first post about photography equipment but really it’s the first time I’ve even looked at this blog in 6 months. I’ve been meaning to be more active blogging but.. oh there’s that word again ‘but’. Okay never mind the ‘buts’ what I want to point out is that I’m excited by the integration of Nikon Image Space into my work flow and how it looks like it might help a great deal with managing photos for blog posts and other sharing outlets.

Nikon Image Space is the new iteration of Nikon’s ‘My Picture Town’. Now I work mostly in publishing, marketing and advertising is a very major part of that so I have a pretty critical eye when it comes to semantics. ‘My Picture Town’ always seemed to be adrift, lost in translation if you like. I was definitely aware of it, visited the sign up page once, maybe twice, but didn’t bite. But with the makeover and relaunch I was intrigued. In part I’ll admit because I am brand loyal, I like the cache Nikon has and yes the semantics of ‘Nikon Image Space’ has a cooler ring to it – but does the service back that up?

On first look I have to say yes. I’m not saying this as a die hard expert by any means. I only really started working with NIS yesterday, last night to be exact so this is really just a first 24 hours first impression. Unless I’m missing something you don’t share your Image Space in entirety like you do a FaceBook profile or a Flickr account.

Nikon Image Space has more of the feel of your own online space where you can upload high resolution image files (yes even RAW), organize them in an intuitive structure of ‘Galleries’ and ‘Boxes’ which are groups of albums. You can share albums in a variety of ways:

– send a shared album via email with a beautifully designed message out of Nikon Image Space
– send via your default email app which is useful for larger invitations and if you would like to design/compose your email invitation with your usual app.
– via url which can be handy for sharing on a blog like this
– or QR code which, well I guess print, and through your mobile.

I’m looking forward to working with Nikon Image Space. I think it’s been overlooked even my Nikon diehards, I don’t see a lot if any discussion about it on online forums but hopefully that will change. It’s a free service, Nikon users/owners receive a generous about of storage and innovation will only happen if the platform is supported. So far I’m in!