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Expedition made direct link with the past

Campbell River Mirror, August 26, 2010
A group of hikers retracing the footsteps of a hundred-year old expedition found themselves transported back in time when they came across remnants of an old camp set up by one of the first crews to navigate Strathcona Park. Read more>

An expedition into a park's past

Trip will retrace the route of the group that originally mapped B.C.'s first provincial park
Philip Stone couldn't help but feel the presence of a long-dead MLA while doing a reconnaissance hike in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island last month. "Around every corner, I was half expecting to run into Price Ellison," Read more>

Historic expedition to be recreated this summer

Public invited to send-off
It was July 7, 1910 that the Hon. Price Ellison and his party of keen adventurers arrived on the quiet shores of Campbell River to begin a landmark journey in British Columbia's history. Read full story>

Myra Falls Mine helps Bankroll Historic Hike

Here are links to some of the media coverage of the 2010 Strathcona Centennial Expedition.

The owners of the Myra Falls mine in Strathcona Park are helping finance an expedition recalling the park’s beginnings 100 years ago.
Read full story>

The birth of a national treasure

Price Ellison's expedition to Crown Mountain was the genesis of B.C.'s provincial park system. By Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun May 30, 2010

A breeze ruffled Victoria's Inner Harbour and a red sun rolled down the dark rim of the Sooke Hills on the fine July evening in 1910 when Speaker David McEwen Eberts bustled down from the British Columbia legislature to the CPR steamship terminal. Read full story>

Making history happen in Strathcona Park

March 19, 2010

In July this year, photographer, author and mountaineer Philip Stone of Quadra Island will be leading a group, which will include such notables as Ron Quilter, from the Ministry of the Environment and Andy Smith of BC Parks, into Strathcona Provincial Park Read full story>

Trek launched to celebrate Strathcona's 100th birthday

Quintin Winks, Alberni Valley Times
Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strathcona Provincial Park turns 100 this summer and to acknowledge its birthday, and it's importance, 23 trekkers will set out to retrace the footsteps of the park's original exploration party. Read full story>

Regional district considers role in Strathcona Park centennial celebration.

Grany Warkentin, Campbell RiverMirror
March 11, 2010

The Strathcona Regional District has a role to play in the 100th anniversary of the creation of Strathcona Provincial Park – it just isn’t sure what it is, yet.
To celebrate the park’s centennial, an expedition is being mounted to recreate the 1910 expedition from Campbell River. The expedition, led by Price Ellison, Commissioner of Lands, inspired the provincial government to create Strathcona Provincial Park in 1911, the first provincial park created in B.C. Read full story>

An opportunity to give back to Strathcona

Campbell River Mirror
January 26, 2010

Campbell Riverites should get behind the Strathcona Centennial Expedition in a big way. This event commemorates the 1910 Ellison Expedition into the interior of the Island to scout out land set aside for what would become Strathcona Provincial Park. Read full story>

Expedition to re-enact historic Strathcona exploration

Alistair Taylor - Campbell River Mirror
January 26, 2010

A hundred years ago, a group of 22 men and one woman poled, paddled and pushed their way into the interior of Vancouver Island. Their goal was to explore the headwaters of the Campbell River and determine if the area was worthy of designation as a park. Read full story>

Onward to Strathcona!

Mike Roberts, The Province
Published: Sunday, March 11, 2007

A B.C. adventurer is hoping to fire up the public imagination with a recreation of the 1910 expedition that led to the creation of B.C.'s biggest [first] public park. The chief guide on the trek, seasoned explorer Rev. William Bolton, was sponsored by this newspaper on an earlier bold adventure to the Island. Read full story>

High mountains of Strathcona Park

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