Strathcona Centennial Legacy Fund

It is customary on anniversaries, birthdays and special occassions to offer gifts. A celebrant as loved as Strathcona Park deserves rich rewards. Strathcona has given so much in its diversity, resources and the experiences it provides. The one-hundredth anniversary of the park is the perfect time to acknowledge its value to British Columbia by caring and investing in Strathcona. The Strathcona Centennial Legacy Fund aims to build secure financial sources for enhanced stewardship, capital infrastructure projects, land acquisitions and environmental rehabilitation for Strathcona Park. Examples of projects the fund aims to contribute toward.


At over 245,807 acres (122,500 hectares) Strathcona is a huge area and additional personal, planning and material resources are required for the park. Donations to the Strathcona Centennial Legacy Fund go toward enhancing stewardship of Strathcona Park. Find out how you can make a donation.

Roosevelt Elk fawns in Price Creek


Every year thousands of visitors come from all over British Columbia and the world to visit Strathcona Park. Trails, bridges, parking and camping facilities all serve these visitors. This important park infrastructure needs regular maintenance, repair, replacement and additions every year. Find out how you can make a donation.

Bridge over Thelwood Creek, Strathcona Park


It was foresight that led Sir Richard McBride to set aside the land for Strathcona Park in 1910. Today we have a much better understanding of the park's ecosystems. At the same time development surrounding the park has vastly increased. Some areas yet-to-be included in the park will become important additions to Strathcona's integrity. Find out how to make a donation of land or cash to contribute.

Cruickshank valley land that should be added to Strathcona Park


Strathcona Park is renowned for its beauty but it also bears many scars from industrial use over the past century. Responsible corporate use of the park is vital to its integrity, and rehabilitation essential as resource use changes. Significant financial reserves are needed for environmental remediation in Strathcona Park. Find out how you can make a donation.

Myra Falls mine site, Westmin-Strathcona Park

Myra Falls, Strathcona Park

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