The Strathcona
Centennial Expedition

On Friday, July 29th, 1910 the Strathcona Discovery Expedition led by British Columbia’s Chief Commissioner of Lands, the Hon. Price Ellison reached the summit of Crown Mountain. The reason for the expedition was to explore the surrounding region for the purposes of establishing a park. On the advice of Ellison, inspired by the experience, legislation was enacted in March 1911 legally defining Strathcona Park, British Columbia’s first Provincial Park.

In July 2010 the Strathcona Centennial Expedition plan to follow in the footsteps of the original party and reenact Ellison’s journey to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of Strathcona and all of BC’s Provincial Parks.

This is the organizing committee’s plan to prepare for and carry out the expedition and related events, in co-operation with community and business partnerships.

1910 Strathcona Discovery Expedition
courtesy Museum at Campbell River

Expedition Timeline

The Strathcona Centennial Expedition will follow the route of the original 1910 Strathcona Discovery Expedition as closely as possible. However in the hundred years since Ellison’s journey significant changes have occurred along parts of the route that will speed up travel and logistical support.

The expedition can be broken down into five legs with the last two essentially being one combined.

Campbell River to Upper Campbell Lake - July 21-24, 2010. After a public event in Campbell River on July 21 the party leaves Campbell River on foot on July 22, hiking the river side trails to McIvor Lake where they will take canoes up the Campbell Lake chain to the old Elk River Timber Co. trestle bridge on Upper Campbell Lake. 42 km (12 km hiking, 30 km canoeing)

Ascent of Crown Mountain - July 25-31, 2010. Leaving Upper Campbell Lake on foot an overland party will travel through rugged, mountainous country to Crown Mountain for an ascent on July 29, 2010, one hundred years exactly from Ellison’s own climb. 47 km (41 km hiking 6 km canoeing)

Buttle Lake - August 1-2, 2010. After celebratory events, at Strathcona Park Lodge and Buttle Narrows entrance to Strathcona Park, the expedition continues by canoe down Buttle Lake to the south end at the outlet of Price Creek. 40 km (canoeing)

Trek from Buttle Lake to Great Central Lake - August 3-6, 2010. Following the route of Ellison’s expedition the party heads overland, up the Price Creek valley to Price Pass and on to Great Central Lake via Margaret Lake and the famous Della Falls trail. 28 km (hiking)

Great Central Lake to Port Alberni - August 6-7, 2010. Meeting canoes at the head of Great Central Lake the expedition will paddle down the lake to meet a welcoming party and be escorted to Port Alberni for a community event at the Alberni Valley museum.
Port Alberni to Victoria - August 8, 2010. Travel by road to Qualicum Beach to meet Via Rail train to Victoria. 33 km (canoeing)

August 9, 2010. Expedition party disbands.

See the expedition calendar for day by day

1910 Strathcona Discovery Expedition on Buttle Lake, near Marblerock Creek
courtesy Museum at Campbell River

1910 Strathcona Discovery Expedition Sailing up Buttle Lake

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