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Island Alpine Select

A Guide to Alpine Climbing on Vancouver Island

Wild Isle Guidebooks to coastal Vancouver Island BC AdventureCorrections

Island Alpine Select
Check in here for corrections to Island Select. Please note that updated chapters and new route postings are to be considered works in progress until they appear in print.

If you have corrections or new information please check our submission guidelines. Submit your details while they're still fresh!

Listed below are corrections to Island Alpine Select which should be noted in your print edition. These may be errors that effect the utility of the information in the book. Digital editions will be corrected on an ongoing basis. If you notice any additional errors please .

For updates to Island Alpine 1 (2003) click here>

Updated section on Victoria Peak (PDF)


Last updated 06/09/2016

page 62 - Map of Mt Arrowsmith - Climbers’ Trail
correction: Should show trail extended (~1cm) left (west) to join last switchback on Pass Main

page 69 - Crystal Chandelier
correction: Should be graded WI4

page 107 - Sid Williams Approaches: says “Leave the loop trail heading west,...”
correction: Should say: “ Leave the loop trail heading east,...”

page 121 - First Recorded Winter Ascent Mt Harmston: John, Mike Waters, Aaron Smythe 29/12/2014

page 126 - Bottom left, photo topo - Mt Harmston
correction: Route Reference 'NR' should read 'NW' for the Northwest Ridge of Mt Harmston

page 131 - Bottom right, photo of Red Pillar in winter
correction: Label 'Mt Harmston' should read 'Elkhorn Mountain'. Harmston is further right and would appear closer.

page 168 - Map of Elk River area - King’s Creek.
correction: Text should be moved to the next creek west (left) alongside the trail

page 168 - Map of Elk River area - head of Cervus Creek
correction: East Cervus Pass and West Cervus Pass should be inter-changed

page 190 - Rippel Couloir. Says ‘J-shaped gully’
correction: Should say ‘L-shaped gully’.

page 225 - Bitterlich Route - says ‘up to easier ground to Southwest Peak’
correction: Should say 'Southeast Peak'

page 228 - Snow Band Route - says ‘Two... rappels.. to the upper glacier’
correction: Class 3 terrain leads across to the upper glacier, typically no rappels required

page 240 - Great West Couloir says' ... and continue south to the summit.'
correction: Should read 'and continue north to the summit.'

page 240 - The Great West Couloir was climbed in winter 30/12/14 see New Routes for details

page 288 - Map of South Strathcona
2 corrections: Between Abco and Mariner mountains and between Bancroft Peak and Splendour Mountain are misplaced labels for Nine Peaks - Nine Peaks is correctly labelled on page 289 south of Big Interior Mountain

page 307 - Mt Septimus, Standard Route
correction:There may be some confusion in the literature between this route and the route up Mt Rosseau. If it does exist it would be 5th class, likely similar difficulty to the adjacent lines.

page 322 - Victoria Peak South Face
correction: Should be graded low 5th class

page 399 - NEW ROUTE - Merlon Mountain - South Spire, Southwest Face 12/11/2014 see New Routes for details

page 401 - South Face - Ya’ai Peak: says ‘Descend NE Ridge’
correction: Should say: 'Descend Southeast Ridge.'

page 414 - Map of Bonanza Range - Label for Mt Ashwood is faint
correction: Consider writing ‘Mt Ashwood’ to make it clearerd

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