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Wild Isle - adventure activities on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Wild Isle Adventures, guided hiking trips on Vancouver Island
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Wild Isle - Industry - Associations

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides
The ACMG was formed in 1963 at the urging of Parks Canada. By 1966, a program for training and certifying guides was in place. In 1972, the ACMG became a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA), and international body that sets the standard for professional mountain guides worldwide.

Canadian Avalanche Association
The Canadian Avalanche Association, in partnership with the principal sponsors seen here, provides various Public Safety Services to the public free of charge. The analysis of accident trends has proven that these services have helped to minimize avalanche accidents in Canada.

Cycling BC
Cycling British Columbia is a not-for-profit association registered under the BC Society Act. Our primary function is to manage and develop cycling for recreation, transportation, and sport in BC

BC Surf Association
It is our mandate to help develop surfers within BC and to provide further opportunities to develop skills internationally. As well, the BCSA acts as a spokesbody for issues that concern BC surfers.

Recreational Canoing Association of BC                                                                         

Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of BC
Formed to establish high standards and sensible guidelines for professionally-led
sea kayaking tours in the coastal waters of British Columbia.

Vancouver Island Whitewater Paddling Society

Whitewater Kayaking Association of BC

Multi sport

BC Wilderness Tourism Association
lThe Wilderness Tourism Association exists to ensure the ongoing viability of our industry through the protection of the wilderness tourism land base. The WTA believes that wilderness tourism is a viable and sustainable economic enterprise, and that BC's wilderness tourism operators must have a strong voice in determining how the lands upon which they depend are planned and developed. To ensure that the wilderness tourism industry's requirements are recognized and incorporated in land use decisions, the WTA is undertaking organizing, advocacy, and education to profile the contribution of our industry to the provincial economy.

Guide Outfitters Association of BC
The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia is committed to a strong and stable guide outfitting industry in British Columbia that offers the highest quality wilderness experiences and professional standards in North America. The Association is committed to the promotion and practice of wise conservation management and use of all natural resources.

Outdoor Recreation Council of BC

Vancouver Island Outdoor Network
The Vancouver Island Outdoor Adventure Network (VIOAN) is a non - profit association of outdoor service providers, bed and breakfasts and retail outfitters. This web site is a directory of quality based outdoor providers and services available on Vancouver Island.

National Search & Rescue Secretariat
The mandate of the National Search and Rescue Secretariat (NSS) is to coordinate, promote and review the National Search and Rescue Program (NSP). The NSS also manages the New Search and Rescue (SAR) Initiatives Fund. The NSS is an independent agent of the government, reporting to the Lead Minister for SAR, the Minister of National Defence.


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