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Wild Isle - adventure activities on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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Wild Isle Visitor Information
Welcome to Wild Isle's visitor info pages. Here's where the locals cut through the tourism promo hyperbole and give you the real deal about where to go, what to look for and who to spend your hard earned vacation money with to get the very best of your Vancouver Island and west coast adventure holiday.
Wild Isle's Top Ten Vancouver Island Adventures
Okay, so trying to sum up a place as diverse as Vancouver Island in a list of just ten adventure activities and destinations is a stretch so let's try 3 categories:

Soft Adventure
1- Day hike on the Elk River Trail, Strathcona Park.
2- Go whale watching from Victoria.
3- Cruise by pedal power - bike touring in the Gulf Islands.
4- Check out the Upana Caves near Gold River.
5- Gawk at grizzly bears in Bute or Knight inlets.
6- Ski/Snowboard at Mt. Washington.
7- Learn to surf at Tofino.
8- Take a sunset sea kayak tour on Quadra Island.
9- Cruise the west coast on the M.V. Uchuck lll.
10- Snorkel with the salmon in the Campbell River.

1- Hike the Elk River to Phillips Ridge traverse, Strathcona Park.
2- Sea kayak with the orcas (killer whales) in Johnstone Strait
3- Dive the HMCS Columbia wreck, Campbell River/Quadra Island.
4- Tackle the Kusum Klimb, Sayward
5- Explore the trails and trials of early settlers at Cape Scott.
6- Sea kayak around Vargas Island.
7- Mountain bike at Morte Lake, Quadra Island.
8- Whitewater kayaking on the Gold River.
9- Crank it out on the crags at Crest Creek, Strathcona Park.
10- Rip the powder at Mt. Cain, Northern Vancouver Island.

Hard Core
1- Traverse the six summits of Mt. Colonel Foster, Strathcona Park.
2- Run the West Coast Trail in a day.
3- Sea kayak around Cape Scott.
4- Try your technique on the mountain bike trails at Gold River
5- Hike the Vancouver Island Backbone, if you have time...
6- Ski/Snowboard the Dream Chute, Mt. Cain
7- Rip the winter surf at Raft Cove
8- Kayak surf in Surge Narrows rapids on a spring tide, Quadra Island.
9- Sink into one of the Island's epic cave systems like Thanksgiving or Q5.
10- Take a ski touring expedition into the Haihte Range.

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